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Technically Alter’d was founded in 2018 with the realization that the world of technology was changing and becoming a hindrance instead of a tool for many. We realize that to stay in touch with today’s fast pace, technology is not just the way, its expected and required. We also understand how confusing and frustrating this can be. So many services, so many aspects, so many overlaps; leading to a large amount of time, money and patience being wasted. Even worse, the disorganization is leading to lost business, lost profits, lost wages, decreased productivity, and more. However, with the right solutions, services, support and knowledge, all aspects of your job can be enhanced and streamlined, and then reflect in all areas of your business. And that is where we step in.

The Problem

Small businesses have so many choices, so many price points, so many terms and lingo and slang and acronyms, it becomes overwhelming. Large corporations have many people with many ideas, needs, and areas of experience, yet struggle to understand how to best implement and incorporate all these aspects into a final working solution. Not every company can invest in a full-time IT department. However, going to the local IT company ends up costing you as much if not more than hiring a full-time position. You get a new technician every time you call. You feel you are having to tell your whole IT story over and over to get the new technician aware of your situation. You get a different opinion or solution with every visit. You end up signing a monthly contract, so they can “better service your needs,” and yet every issue is met with the answer “for just ‘x’ amount of dollars more per month, we can do…” or, “That is not covered under your current contract.” Other IT companies do not believe in on-site service without first attempting every repair with hours of remote diagnostics. Ultimately, you end up paying for this in efficiency, lost time, possibly lost business, all of which impact you financially.

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The Solution? Technically Alter'd

At Technically Alter’d, we do technology different. Large corporations to small home offices, our mission is to meet you where you are, determine your needs and goals, and explain the solutions without using technical jargon. We look at what you have now and make recommendations to consolidate, improve, and streamline your day to day operations without breaking the bank. There are multiple levels of support and service: from a “case by case” basis to full monthly/yearly service level agreements; all come with the same top-notch level of service. Our sales team and technicians have experience in just about every aspect of technology: from basic networking and endpoints, to web design and integrations, to mobile/remote offices, network security, datacenters, audio/visual, and more. We believe in approaching this world of new technologies with old-fashioned business values. Every customer is just as important and their business matters. TECHALT’s part in your business should be transparent. If technology is working for you, it will make your business successful, and in turn, make our business successful, and allows our partnership grow in value together.

We at Technically Alter’d invite you to give us an opportunity to show you how technology, paired with top-notch support and service, can be the most valuable asset in your business.

Meet Our Founder Chris Webster

Chris has 20 years of IT and business management experience. He takes pride and is fully active in all aspects of TechAlt, including field technician work, systems integration and design, hardware and software, sales, accounting, janitorial duties and more. He firmly believes staying involved and active not only keeps him fully aware of where his business stands, but also shows his overall philosophy: There isn’t one job that he asks his employees to do that he would not do himself, and shows you, the customer, how dedicated we are as a company to provide the best service and support possible.

“Success not based on one single person. Instead, it’s based on the overall success and satisfaction of everyone involved. It’s this philosophy that allows everyone to grow together.”

-Chris Webster


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