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Technological advances occur at an incredible pace, and it seems that new technology, services, and applications are being created almost daily at this point. Unfortunately, new technology is not just a way to stay competitive and productive, it is THE way – it’s expected and required to keep up. At times you may think, “There’s so many services and bits of tech that could help us reach our goals, but which one is right? This one does the same thing as what we already have, but would it be worth it to switch? It would be a waste of time and money if we find out it doesn’t work the way we want…”

What's The Problem?

You know that the technology and the services you use can have a huge impact, but what has a greater impact is how efficiently you use it. Even cutting-edge technology won’t help if it’s haphazardly implemented or simply not the right fit for what you need. It can create disorganization, decrease productivity, and lead to lost business, profits, wages, and more. For small businesses, it becomes overwhelming finding a good but affordable solution. With large corporations, there’s a wide variety of needs for technology, but even more varied experience levels with technology, which results in many employees struggling to understand how to make their technology work or incorporate all aspects of it into a working solution. Not every company can invest in a full-time IT department to help with this, but going to just any local IT company can end up costing you much more in the long run when you experience never-ending troubleshooting sessions or get a new technician with each service call. Then you’re told the contract you signed and paid for to “better service your needs” doesn’t cover any of your actual problems.

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The TECHALT Solution

The right technology solutions, knowledge, and support along the way would enhance and streamline all aspects of your business, from its success and financial growth to your employees’ satisfaction and productivity. This is where Technically Alter’d steps in. Technically Alter’d was founded in 2018 with the realization that new technology can be a hindrance instead of an effective tool when it is not implemented correctly. Technically Alter’d understands the confusion and uncertainty that can come with new, unfamiliar technology or applications and just how frustrating it can be trying to choose which ones to use and then adapt to it. At Technically Alter’d, we do technology differently. From large corporate settings to small home offices, our mission is to meet you where you are, determine your needs and goals, and explain solutions without using technical jargon. We look at what you have now and make recommendations that would improve and streamline your systems and operations without breaking the bank. We offer multiple levels of support to fit a variety of needs, but all support we offer comes with the same top-notch level of service. Our sales team and technicians have experience in just about every aspect of technology – networking and security, web design and integrations, mobile/remote office setups, data centers, audio-visual systems and designs, and so much more.

We believe in approaching new technologies with old-fashioned business values – every customer is important and their business matters. Our goal is to contribute to the success of your business with transparency and integrity. We believe that your success becomes our success, and this allows us to both grow in value together. We invite you to give Technically Alter’d the opportunity to show you how technology and top-notch support can be the most valuable asset for your business.

Meet Our Founder Chris Webster

Chris has 20 years of IT and business management experience and has dedicated himself to serving his customers and his community with his wide areas of expertise. He takes pride in the company he has built and is fully active in all aspects of Technically Alter’d – he’ll happily mop a floor after going out on a service call. With his audio-visual knowledge, IT, accounting, and business background combined with his natural inclination toward creativity, Chris can help with any need you have or knows the right direction to point you in. His specialties include innovative system designs and integrations, website designs, network installations, and consultations for hardware, software, and so much more. He firmly believes that staying involved and active in his company not only keeps him fully aware of where his business stands, but also reveals his overall philosophy – there isn’t any job he asks his employees to do that he would not do himself and it shows you, the customer, how dedicated he is to provide the best service and support possible.

“Success is not based on one single person. Instead, it’s based on the overall success and satisfaction of everyone involved. It’s this philosophy that allows everyone to grow together.”

-Chris Webster


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