Technically Alter'd

Welcome to the new Technically Alter’d website – take a look around to get to know us better and see what new things we are doing! 2023 was a year of connecting for us; we’ve been building relationships with customers and helping out with some interesting projects, attending our first conferences, and starting relationships with new vendors. In 2024, we want to expand upon this theme of connection by introducing the Tech Alt Blog, where we will keep you abreast of several things, such as news about us, our customers’ successes, and changes in the A/V/L and IT industries that may affect you. We also plan to use this blog to create a sort of knowledge base. There will be posts that help you troubleshoot issues, answer questions about best practices and planning for the future, and even some that are educational with general, good-to-know information. There are a few multi-part posts planned that will come out over time, so check back often to see how your favorite topics get expanded upon!

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