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We know that the technology and services you use can have an enormous impact on your business. We also know that there’s more to it than just having technology; you need it to work AND function as you expect it to. Even cutting-edge technology won’t help if it’s haphazardly implemented or simply not what you need. And not every company can invest in a full-time IT department to help with this, but going to just any local IT company can end up costing you much more in the long run for many reasons. This is where we step in. Technically Alter’d understands how confusing and frustrating all the new technology, applications, and software can be, especially when you try to integrate it with what you’re already using. You may have a system that you’ve always used but it just isn’t quite right for your current needs, you may be looking to re-do what you’ve got to be more efficient, or you may be needing a completely new system but don’t know where to start. This is where we come in – and we do technology differently. Our mission is to meet you where you are, determine your needs and goals, and explain practical solutions without technical jargon. We look at what you have now and can make quality recommendations that would improve your current systems without breaking the bank. And we stand behind everything we do or sell, so we will never recommend something we know wouldn’t work well for your situation – we won’t sell you junk or new problems.

Meet Our Founder and IT Specialist

Chris Webster

Chris has 20 years of IT and business management experience and has dedicated himself to serving his customers and his community with his wide areas of expertise. He takes pride in the company he has built and is fully active in all aspects of Technically Alter’d – he’ll happily mop a floor after going out on a service call. With his audio-visual knowledge, IT, accounting, and business background combined with his natural inclination toward creativity, Chris can help with any need you have or knows the right direction to point you in. His specialties include innovative system designs and integrations, website designs, network installations, and consultations for hardware, software, and so much more. He firmly believes that staying involved and active in his company not only keeps him fully aware of where his business stands, but also reveals his overall philosophy – there isn’t any job he asks his employees to do that he would not do himself and it shows you, the customer, how dedicated he is to provide the best service and support possible.

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Meet Our A/V/L Specialist

Jared Webster

Jared has 20 years of experience in production and equipment integration in a variety of environments. Jared’s experience ranges from performing on stage, to providing sound for large concerts, live shows, and corporate events, and to installing systems in a wide variety of venues including churches, schools, offices, and more. This gives Jared the unique ability to plan for and overcome many of the issues that customers and clients may face with less experienced integrators or sound technicians. One of his core beliefs is the pursuit of excellence and this shines through in his attention to detail and professionalism in all aspects of his life. He also believes that having fully informed customers on the how and why something is done is an important part of helping his clients succeed, learn more about their own systems, and mitigate costs or future problems.