Technically Alter'd

Sorting the Tangled Web

In today’s age of technology, many services and software have moved to the cloud. This can become a confusing and hard to manage situation, as many of these services are spread across multiple vendors and providers. Having full knowledge and understanding of how all these services work, and making them work together efficiently, is a never-ending task. Many corporations unknowingly have multiple services that can essentially do the same things which causes confusion and loss of work efficiency, time, and money. This is where Technically Alter’d can help by providing you with these services and help you maintain, configure, and manage them so that you can focus on what matters most to you: your business.

We not only offer many services that are hosted by other providers, but we also have our own datacenter! This allows us to offer many services that other providers can’t, such as custom services and server configurations, faster turnarounds for disaster recoveries, and more!

Safe and Secure Hosting

  • Offsite Backup Storage
  • Disaster Backup and Recovery
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • RDP and Application Hosting
  • Content Filtering
  • ESET Digital Security

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